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Affiliate program

We are the ideal partner for you and your business to increase your income and traffic.
Our talented affiliate team are able to provide their extensive knowledge of the online gaming, poker and sports betting industries; as well as an up to date personalised feedback.

Over 10,000 Subscribers

With a high number of traffic already created through our exceptional service, you’ll regret missing out on such a profitable move. Over 10,000 subscribers have been created using our exceptional service over many years; and that number is only going to continue to increase.


A clear and fair commission structure that encourages a successful partnership between us and our growing affiliated partners. With the success we will bring to your website, you’ll be bound to feel the benefits as your revenue streams continue to grow and grow.

A variety of tools

Many tools are made personally for you and your website to reap the benefits for, with liaison with your very own account manager. A technical team are also on hand to ensure you use the tools in the best ways you can, and these include: banners, dynamic application, tracking, email kit etc.

Bonus & Promotions

A wide-range of bonuses and promotions specialised for you that will continue to entice new players to the website thanks to our in-depth understanding of the industry. Our knowledge of what works with these bonuses will help you to get the rewards for your hard work.

New Interface

A new state-of-the-art interface allows you to create a website that’s easy to navigate and clearly describes what products you provide. This can only help your design reach your target market with clear information that will help drive your performance on SEO.

Increase in Revenues

LivePartners are able to provide our partners with the latest tools to increase your profitability, however that may be. These can include CPA and other affiliate programme offers; whatever it is that can suit you and your specific website. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we can offer it.

Feel free to contact our professional and intelligent affiliate team and get a personal response
as to how, exactly, successful you and your website could be for working with us.

Our Brands

Affiliated websites, short description, description of partner sites



Offering Casino, Poker and Sports betting; NetBet has grown into one of the leading betting websites in the European market. Created in 2001, the company are continuing to attract more and more players across their platforms and provide only the very best in customer experience.
With a variety of exceptional bonuses and promotions being offered, a range of easy to function websites and an exceptional customer service team that is available 24/7; they have the full package for success. Whatever it is you’re into, NetBet have it across their websites. It’s no wonder they’re a true leader in the industry, if you want to see why? Check out one of their many successful websites right now!

Variety of Countries/Languages available

We are available to provide the best experience for partners in as many as 11 countries.
With knowledge of many markets, we’ll be able to provide exceptional service for those speaking in any of the mentioned countries’ languages.


We can work together in providing the best things for you, and that can come via exceptional banners and promotions created by us; industry leaders.
This can also come via a range of platforms, including: IPhone, IPad and Android.



The content is displayed depending on the IP, and the banner or landing page will be displayed accordingly.


: Specific with the software technology, which includes a call-to-action and a visible tracking software.


Depending on the software used to view the site, the visibility of the page will change accordingly to ensure comfortable reading and navigation.


Whatever the site is being viewed on, the change will be automatic so it’s immediately relevant for the customer’s device.

Marketing Tools

There are many marketing strategies that we will provide for you, whether that’s detailed reports or live traffic figures from our website to yours; our service will provide regular and detailed updates on our progress.

Creative strategies

Our team will work with you to create strategies to help drive your performance. Through constant liaison with each other, we will understand your product and target demographic and identify areas that we believe will benefit your performance on a number of levels; including website traffic and increased stakes.

Sportsbook widgets

Should you be a sport betting website, our affiliation programme can help provide you with widgets directly to you. This can help with the navigation and aesthetics of your website, as well as the practicality function of informing your visitors what is happening in the world of sport.

Analysis & Reports

Here at LivePartners we recognise the importance in the constant communication between all parties, which is why we promise to consistently provide you analysis and reports of our work. This will inform you of what is and isn’t working, and our expertise can help you adjust accordingly to help you reap the rewards.

XML flow in real time

Our service can also ensure live data is being recorded in real-time, and being sent back to you 24/7. Therefore we can guarantee you’re kept in the know instantly of any sudden surges, thanks to our XML flow that can provide accurate and reliable data at anytime of the day, available to you in seconds.

Personal promotions

Promotions and Offers are vital to getting customers to any business. We can guarantee that the bonuses we would give you would be personal just to you, to be relevant to the audience and market you are situated in. Our marketing experts will ensure they’re successful and effective too, using our range of techniques to publicise them; including banners etc.

Monthly Reports

Every month, our experts are able to create reports that detail your progress in the previous few weeks. This constant and analytical feedback will allow you to see how you’re getting on using the most relevant and beneficial data. Presented in a clear way such as a report, you can let us be the middle man of analysing and allow you to save time and help you to run your website.

500 000
Referred Depositors

4 000

2 000
Ads & sizes

Hours feedback


Our commission package rewards success. We aim to improve your website so that it will give customers a better experience once on your site, and make them more likely to register and make a deposit. Here it is explained in detail:


Levels CPA* Minimum First Deposit Wagering Requirements
1-10 players per Month 20 EUR 20 EUR 60 EUR
11-20 players per Month 30 EUR 20 EUR 60 EUR
21 and more 50 EUR 20 EUR 60 EUR


Levels CPA* Minimum First Deposit Wagering Requirements
1-10 players per Month 50 EUR 20 EUR 100 EUR
11-20 players per Month 70 EUR 20 EUR 100 EUR
21 and more 100 EUR 20 EUR 100 EUR

*CPA will only be paid for verified players.


Levels Revenue Share
1-10 First Depositors per Month(FTDs) 20%
11-20 First Depositors per Month(FTDs) 25%
21-50 First Depositors per Month(FTDs) 30%
51-100 First Depositors per Month(FTDs) 35%
Above 100 First Depositors per Month(FTDs) 40%

Different forms of payment

We aim to make sure the payment process is fast and instant for all parties involved. As soon as it’s happened, the payment using the reliable sources listed will be resolved instantly; ensuring a trustworthy process is used.


RewardsAffiliates Features

Rewards Affiliates Features:

Online Gambling is one of the most exciting and profitable online industries. Our Casino Affiliate Program gives you a proven way to cash in on this explosive growth. Each month we pay our top affiliates over $50,000. By using our unique tools and dedicated support, you can too! You refer players to our casinos and we share our profits with you forever! It’s like owning your own online casino and it’s FREE!

Blackjack Ballroom

  • 3 Highly profitable commission models for all affiliates
    You get to choose how you earn!
  • Lifetime partnership
    You earn on referred players forever!
  • Fast, reliable monthly payouts
    We pay every month on or before the 7th.
  • Unique affiliate marketing tools
    Flash Tools, even Games for your site!
  • Fresh creative so your site stays current
    Constantly updated marketing materials keep your profits maximised
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
    Experienced internet professionals to help you along the way!
  • No Negative balance carryover!
    Any negative balances from player wins are reset to zero to start each month.
  • Trusted, Reputable Properties
    30 Casinos all powered by MicroGaming!
  • Unlimited Earning Potential
    You can get out of it as much as you put in. No Maximums or Limits.
  • 24/7 Player Support
    Our call centre supports players in a multitude of languages via toll free numbers, email and live chat.

Rewards Affiliates is one of the best online casino affiliate programs on the net. What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!

K8 Affiliates – get rewarded!


With K8 Affiliates

Why K8 Affiliates? We’re fast, reliable and creative. We focus on building and maintaining a true partnership with each of our affiliates and improve our mutual success.

About Us

We’ve got a hot Affiliate Program, with a lot of happy clients to date. We value our affiliates and want your customers to lead an extraordinary traffic. An affiliate program that meets the key factors for your success.

We make it a priority to provide the best marketing tools that guarantee your success and traffic. If you require assistance, our professional support team will guide you through. We believe that extraordinary service and relationships are only built with experience and time.

Registering with us is secure, quick and easy. All you need to do is complete the registration form, after a short review you will be part of the team. As our affiliate, you will have your own control panel where you can see detailed statistics of traffic and sales you referred news, and tons of Media options to offer.

How does it work?


With dedicated support


All of the creatives that you need


Up to 50% revenue share


Welcome to K8 Affiliates program! We offer simple, straightforward and state of the art commission plans. We are committed to get you started in no time.

Our generous commission structure is designed to accommodate your needs and reward you based on your referred traffic, allowing you to earn astonishing commissions. Choose from any plan that best suits your requirements or get in touch with our dedicated account manager to create a custom plan for you!

Boost your earnings. Keep them coming and we will make them stay!





Why would you go anywhere else? We have more sports, more markets and the most generous Money-Back Specials. We also have a different ethos to other bookies: we believe in having fun! Punters love taking advantage of our crazy offers such as our industry leading acca bonus on Premiership football and can stream live horse racing from around the globe.

Our strong brand and investment in above the line advertising ensures that we have market leading conversion rates. Our focus on mobile ensures that size doesn’t matter and that your players don’t suffer any 1990’s style video buffering when trying to get on. And our dedicated affiliate team are here to help you with any of your queries. Come and join us and starting beating the pants off the competition today!


conversion and retention rate


commission paid
on time


Market leading offers for new players


dedicated affiliate support team


A brand you can trust

Why Players Love Us


The biggest choice of markets


Industry leading sign-up offers

real cash

Real Cash Money Back Specials


Your Own Money Back Specials

the best

mobile betting product

Commission Structure

We pay a 25% net revenue share for Sportsbook For CPA options please discuss with your Account Manager

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Paddy Partners Affiliates Review

Paddy Partners
We’re not the same as other boring bookies: we’re Paddy Power. Our cheeky chappy persona and cunning stunts keep people talking and coming back to our industry leading gaming and betting products. Come and join Paddy Power in beating the pants off the competition – your players will love us and you’ll cash in.

Why? Because players love the Paddy Power brand and our crazy stunts. We’re handing over attractive sign-up bonuses to get your players on board (and have a dedicated conversion team to keep improving our conversion rates). We’re giving them exclusive offers such as enhanced odds and market leading Money Back Specials to keep them here. And, we’re providing them with the best choice of markets and games, from exclusive slot machines to taking a bet on almost anything.

We’ve got plenty to offer you, too. We’ll pay you proper commission. We’ll pay it on time, every time. And, we’ve an award winning affiliate team who will look after you. All you have to do is partner up with Paddy Power and enjoy beating the pants off the competition.

If you’ve ever seen one of our TV ads or visited our website, you’ll know that we’re not the same as other bookies.

We were the first bookie in the world to have a mobile app in the Apple app store. In 2011, we refunded a record €3 million to our punters through our 2011 Champions League Final ‘Money Back Special’. And, in 2010 we had the most complained about TV advert of the year (although the cat involved did make a full recovery).

We genuinely believe in doing things differently. We’re fairer to our customers by offering Justice Payouts when stupid decisions cost them their hard earned cash. We sometimes share a cash pot if players miss a bingo full house by one number. And, we pay proper commission – up to 45% – to all our affiliates.

Financial Information
Paddy Power is a publicly quoted company, listed on both the Irish and London Stock Exchanges.

For more information about the financial performance of Paddy Power Please visit: