Sneak Peek Offer extended through the Weekend

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One month full access for £19 extended to Monday
We’ve had lots of great feedback for our brand new first half arbs. Our customers’ asked us to extend the offer through the weekend. So, Use code SNEAK to make the first month £19. PRICES GO UP MONDAY!

Did you miss this First Half Arb?

Click Here for a SNEAK Peek at BetSlayer’s First Half Arbs
Why First-Half arbs?
First-Half arbs allow you more opportunities to place sure-bets. BetSlayer is one of only a handful of companies that offer first-half arbs. So, the lines won’t change as quickly
After the Weekend, the price goes up 50% for the first month
Go now to and get your Arb on before the price increases 50%.

Use Code SNEAK

More Arbs. More Arbs
You want more arbs. We’ve listened. Make sure to use the code SNEAK to keep the price at £19
Use the promo code SNEAK and get early access to first-half arbs all for only £19
Click Now for easy extra MONEY
Betslayer, 152 City Road, EC1V 2NX, London, United Kingdom

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